Final Fling is for people who like to be in
control of life and death decisions

Know your options. Make choices.
Leave instructions. Stay in charge. Right till the end. And meantime, live life to the full.

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Notify others of a death. Post tributes. Pay respects. Celebrate a life

Post a notice to reach a wider network. Post tributes to pay respects, leave messages of love, share memories, express grief and condolences, retell stories, celebrate a life.

Make dreams come true: Yours!

Life can march by without you. Stay present. Be mindful. Make choices. Celebrate life, love and friendships in small and big ways. Make every day count – plan ordinary and extraordinary things!

Plan your Final Fling. Save others the burden

Elbow or Elgar? Ash scattering or graveside gathering? Hootenanny or funeral tea? Start with funeral music. Think words and poetry. A guest list. Speakers. If you've no preferences, say so. Help others make tricky choices.

Store precious memories, messages, souvenirs of life

What are the small, important things you want to leave behind when you’ve gone? The real valuables. The stuff of love: your life’s story, messages, treasured memories caught in photos, film, sound clips. Store and pass on your life legacies. They’ll be glad of it when you've gone.

Store the 20 essential documents next of kin will need

Do you know which legal and financial documents will make life and death easier for you and yours? Get expert help. Capture scattered paperwork in one place: private, highly secure. Appoint a trusted keyholder.

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