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Key features of our Life Planning Tools

Bucket List

Track and share ‘Before I Die...’ dreams by posting inspirational photos and videos in your Bucket List.

Notices & Tributes

Share news of a death and pay tribute to a loved one.


Keep track of your changing funeral music favourites and stores ideas and wishes for your send-off.

Memory Box

Keep your treasured photos, home movies, life’s highlights – your story.

Safe Deposit Box

Secure area to store top 20 documents next of kin will need, bank account names and passwords.


Appoint a Keyholder to access your information ‘in the event’.

Bucket List

Make dreams come true: Yours!

Life can march by without you. Stay present. Be mindful. Make choices. Celebrate life, love and friendships in small and big ways. Make every day count – plan ordinary and extraordinary things! Read more about the Bucket List

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Notices & Tributes

Notify others of a death. Post tributes. Pay respects. Celebrate a life

Post a notice to reach a wider network. Post tributes to pay respects, leave messages of love, share memories, express grief and condolences, retell stories, celebrate a life. Read more about Notices & Tributes

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Memory Box

Store precious memories, messages, souvenirs of your life

What are the small, important things you want to leave behind when you’ve gone? The real valuables. The stuff of love: your life’s story, messages, treasured memories caught in photos, film, sound clips. Store and pass on your life legacies. They’ll be glad of it when you've gone. Read more about the Memory Box

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Safe Deposit Box

Store the 20 essential documents next of kin will need

Do you know which legal and financial documents will make life and death easier for you and yours? Get expert help. Capture scattered paperwork in one place: private, highly secure. Appoint a trusted keyholder. Read more about the Safe Deposit Box

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Plan your Final Fling. Save others the burden

Elbow or Elgar? Ash scattering or graveside gathering? Hootenanny or funeral tea? Start with funeral music. Think words and poetry. A guest list. Speakers. If you've no preferences, say so. Help others make tricky choices. Read more about Wishes

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Frequently asked questions

What is Final Fling?

We’re the UK’s first one-stop-shop for end of life… here for you whether you’re thinking ahead or dealing with a death now. We’re a massive information resource, a marketplace to help you find what you need, a set of planning tools if you’re ready to make plans.

Why be part of Final Fling?

We believe that together, as a movement, we can tackle the taboo and help us all deal with death better. Every user can bring ideas, experience and information to share with others. That will help us get better at facing the inevitable. And we’ve got experts to get you the advice you need and the planning tools to sort your paperwork.

What can users do on Final Fling?

Blog and marketplace: get inspiration and check out rules for organising a funeral. Find a funeral director or Humanist celebrant to help. Need advice? Ask the Expert. Compare funeral plans.

Life Planning Tools: store your own Wishes, start a Bucket List, post a Tribute, store treasures to pass on in your Memory Box. Safely store the 20 essential documents next of kin will need in your Safe Deposit Box. Get expert legal and financial help.

How would anyone know my Wishes ‘in the event...’?

You appoint a trusted Keyholder so that they can access your instructions and paperwork.

How do I appoint a Keyholder?

1. Ask the person you want to be your Keyholder to sign up for a Final Fling account.
2. Once they've posted something, you'll be able to see follow each other.
3. Click on their name in a post and it'll take you to their profile.
4. Click on Menu and select Assign Keyholder.

Does a Final Fling account tie me into a contract?

No. You can open and close a free account as you like. The paid-for accounts give you the special features month by month or for the year ahead. You can close your account at any time without penalty or refund.

What does Final Fling offer that other online photo and video storage accounts don’t?

We do all the homework so you don’t have to. We check out funeral rules, legal and financial advice. We’ll keep you right. We have Experts on hand to help with any question to do with death, dying, funerals.

I don’t want to share my private information

You don’t have to. You decide whether your posts are public or private and who you share with.

How would anyone know my Wishes ‘in the event…’?

You appoint a trusted Keyholder so that they can access your instructions and paperwork.

What sort of people are Final Flingers?

We attract spirited, creative, pragmatic folks who can face their mortality.

‘Flingers’ tend to be web savvy, independent thinkers. We’ve got young adults and 85 year olds. Most fall in the 45-65 year old bracket. 2 out of 3 are women.

“I plan to be around for a long time but I still like to be in control. Planning ahead feels like fun on Final Fling,”


“I don’t have long to go. I have a F*** It List, not a Bucket List,”


“I had a bad health scare and just wanted to sort things. It really gives me peace of mind.”


How do I know Final Fling is a quality website?

We’re award-winning:

Web User Magazine rated us 5 stars and ranked us Best New Website beating JK Rowling, British Airways, even Queen Victoria. They said: “superb” … “bookmark it now”.

The Good Funeral Guide awarded us the title: “Most Outstanding Contribution to Understanding Death.

What the papers say

“Final Fling makes it easier for people to plan their death”

—Sunday Times

“this fresh thinking is helping us plan the kind of final fling we feel we deserve”

—The Independent

“Final Fling breathes life into funerals”

—The Weekly News

“transforms the way we contemplate death and the memories we leave behind”

—Connect Magazine